The story of Alba

Alba started with the birth of a family - with a mother wanting to dress her baby girl in unique design, soft organic material and outfits made to play.

Designer Majken Ova Banke could not find the clothes she wanted for her new daughter. She wanted vibrant colours, flexible design and high quality materials. So she made it herself. With a background in architecture and passionate motherly love, she started her journey into a world unknown: the fashion industry. One thing quickly took centre point in the company's approach to this complex industry: to be highly aware of our responsibility in designing and producing kid's clothes.

We know you as parents expect us to be wise and demanding in choosing collaborators to produce our clothes. We know this because we expect it of ourselves.

Therefore, all our brands are created with the same sense of social responsibility. We only choose from high quality materials. We choose production facilities with proper conditions for the employees. And we focus on producing clothes that bring joy to more than one child in its lifetime.

This is the Alba Philosophy – because it is our responsibility to preserve a healthy earth for our children.