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Handcrafted by a group of old ladies ❤️ Support the COMMITTEE OF THE RED CROSS
I love the crazy retro feeling ❤️ it is the details that does it all.
Fits size 92
By Buying this handcrafted cardigan you Support the Danish committee of the Red Cross.

This Handcrafted cardigan has been made by an old lady in DK that loves to knit and to be a part of a knitting social group of ladies who share a passion for knitting. She is doing Volunteering knitting to support the Danish COMMITTEE OF THE RED CROSS

The Cardigan has been knitted with yarn that has been given by local second hand shops. I LOVE this idea so much and I love to support the project. The Danish COMMITTEE OF THE RED CROSS helps both local, but also international. Especially I like The Red Cross holiday camps. They are set in the world to provide vulnerable families with children a holiday experience and an opportunity to be together as a family in a happy and safe environment.

We wish all families a lovely summer holiday

Designed with loving memories ❤️ from my own childhood.

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