Environmental & Social Responsibilities


Right from the early design stages the focus is on making the clothes sustainable.

It starts with making sure to use as much of the fabric as possible, balancing between having enough different types of fabric and prints to make the collection vibrant and interesting without having to many different options, so fabric is used to the fullest, thus not producing more than necessary.

In designing the single style, the focus is on comfort and flexibility. The clothes are designed for the kid lifestyle, making it a priority that the kid can play and explore the world dressed in Alba design. To this comes the focus on flexible design, where the style can grow with the child.

From high ribbings on sleeves and legs, which can be folded up when too long and folded back down when the child has grown to its fit to adjustable waistband that adjust the width of the waist and finally the two button system on crawlers and spencer dresses which allows you to adjust the length of the garment.


In choosing materials we only use Oeko-Tex certified materials and organic cotton.

We are also highly aware of the quality when it comes to the resilience of abrasion to the fabric. Children's clothes should be able to be washed infinite times without the garment loosing colour or shape.

The high quality of the materials insures the styles a long lifetime enjoyed by numerous children throughout.

Suppliers & Certifications

A Blues Clothing

Selected styles from all our brands are produced by A Blue's Clothing in India. The factory has focus on delivering high quality and complying to international standards in production and work conditions.

A Blue's Clothing is certified in and comply with the following standards:


Our main supplier is the Danish owned manufactory HRT Textiles with head office in Denmark and factory facilities in Ukraine. They approximately produce 80% of our clothing.

HRT run every part of their production line including demands to sub suppliers according to the slogan “Trust is good – control is better".
We have a very strong relationship with HRT, who are not only supplier but a very valued partner.

HRT is certified in and comply with the following standards: